Daan Leijen

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Department of Computer Science
Utrecht University
P.O.Box 80.089
3508 TB Utrecht, The Netherlands

phone:+31 30 2535474
fax:+31 30 2513791

This summer, I am employed as a visiting researcher of the Foundations of Software Engineering group at Microsoft Research, Redmond. After september, I will be a postdoc again in the software technology group at Utrecht University.

I am interested in the design, implementation, and application of pure functional programming languages, like Haskell. Furthermore, I work on domain specific embedded languages, strong type systems, language design, and compiler technology.

I am organizer and chair of the 2005 Haskell workshop in Tallin, Estonia.

I served on the program committee of the 2004 Haskell workshop in Snowbird, Utah.

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